With the free Hearonymus app your smartphone turns into a modern audio guide for museums, exhibitions and tourist attractions. The use of smart phones gives you a number of advantages and new features in comparison to the classic audio guides:

Perfect sound

Since you use your own headphones and your own smartphone, the sound is as perfect as always and you can listen with both ears. No more disturbing and distracting ambient noise!

Hygienic use

No more wiping down the hired audio guides prior to using. Now you use your own headphones or throw-away headphones that are made available for you.

Brilliant images

The extremely high resolution smartphone screens show you art more realistically than ever. That means realistic colours and visible details.

Unlimited use

By downloading an audio guide, the data stays on your smartphone. So you can also listen after your museum visit, the most interesting passages again at your leasure. Or you can listen before your visit!

Many free guides

Some institutions make their audio guides available free of charge. The prices of the other guides are between 0.99 € and 5.99 € and are often dependent on the comprehensiveness, features and length of the audio guide.

Familiar operation

All Hearonymus audio guides have a clear, intuitive user interface. This eliminates the search for the volume control or the pause button, which are not easy to find on many hired devices.

No more waiting in the queue

Since the Guide has already been installed on your smartphone, you do not need to wait in line to provide identity documents. Just start your cultural enjoyment without delay!


1. Is the Hearonymus app for free?

The Hearonymus app itself is free. Concerning the audio guides, which can be downloaded within the app, there are both free guides, as well as billable. You always get the information before downloading, if the guide is for free or not.

2. Can I listen to a purchased audio guide more than once?

Each guide that you have downloaded is forever yours. You may listen to it as often as you like.

3. If I do not like an audio guide, can I delete it easily?

Of course, you have the option to delete each guide easily.

4. How many Hearonymus-audioguides are available?

At the moment (February 2019) we have around 670 Audioguides for culture and tourism are available on the Hearonymus-Platform.


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For museums

Hearonymus turns the smartphone of your visitors into an audio guide. Fast. Flexible and at an unbeatable price.

For you this means no more equipment costs, no costs for maintenance and service, no charge for handling and theft of the guides, as the visitors come with their own mobile phones. An enormous savings potential remains untapped here if you already have audio guides in use.

Because you yourself set the selling price of the app, you decide for yourself how much your monthly additional revenue from this new source will be. Without any administrative effort. We take care of the programming, placement in the app stores, the processing and the financial settlement. You receive an itemized monthly statement of downloads of your guides.

What are the options?

In the most cost-effective case, we use your existing audio files, photos and numbering of your audio guides and quickly give you audio guides in the form of apps for all major smartphones (Android, iPhone, ...) The guides have an intuitive user interface that is based, where appropriate, on your old guide.

If you have not used audio guides so far, we only need written texts and digital photos of the objects you want in the guide. We do the rest. We can take care of all recording details (speaker selection, studio, appointments, user rights, ...) for you: naturally also at a great price since we have special conditions both with the speakers and the studios due to the number of contracts. If you have your own preferred speaker or studio or already have partners, we are of course happy to work together with these.

Due to the extremely low price and the short time it takes to create a guide, it suddenly makes sense to also enhance special exhibitions with audio guides, and thus achieve more revenue.

Whether you want to save in future on the expensive existing audio guides, or wether you are thinking about creating your first audio guide: contact us! We will be glad to present you our solutions without any obligation and make you an offer if you wish.